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Staircase questions? We've got you covered

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

Ready to start that latest renovation project? Maybe you're right in the thick of a house build. Either way, installing a brand new staircase might be on your mind. And, if this whole process is new to you, I'm sure you have plenty of questions – particularly around budgets, materials and how long manufacturing, designing and installing stairs can take.

We've compiled some of the most frequent questions that we hear from our customers when wanting to install a new staircase in their home.

1. What's a ballpark budget that should someone set aside for a new staircase?

Quite often this depends on the type of staircase along with the finishes. To give you an idea, a standard closed string staircase, made of pine or MDF and installed with a run of balustrading can vary between $2,000 and $4,000. If you're thinking of going with premium-grade hardwoods, you'll start to creep over that $4,000 mark.

2. What's the typical lead time for a staircase install?

This can depend on the design along with the chosen materials – if you're going for a staircase design that's a bit more elaborate, then it can take a little longer. An average set of stairs can be designed, manufactured and installed between three to four weeks when we make a final check and measure. However, if a client requires their stairs installed on a specific day or within a set timeframe, we'll always do our best to accommodate them.

3. What are the typical materials you'll use to build a staircase?

The opportunities are endless. We work with a variety of timber species and these can be accented with metal and glass finishes. To get inspired by all the design possibilities, you can view the Budget Stairs gallery.

4. What are some of the ways I can customise my staircase?

There are plenty of ways you can customise your staircase. We specialise in a variety of staircase components – everything from handrails through to posts and balusters. Let us know what you're envisioning and we'll ensure that the right components and materials are used.

5. Do I have to stick to some form of regulation?

Yes, whilst every staircase design is different. But, they all need to meet the National Construction Code Standards. These include the following:

  • A maximum rise of 190mm

  • A minimum going of 240mm

  • A minimum head height of 2.0m

  • A level balustrade of 1.0m

  • No gap or space larger than 125mm

  • An average rise and tread of 180mm x 250mm

  • A maximum of three angled steps in a quarter space

  • A maximum of 18 risers without landing.

6. What do I need to consider if I'm replacing a staircase?

In some circumstances, we may need to remove an older staircase – this is absolutely fine and something that Budget Stairs can assist with. Some other things to consider are the walls. When removing stairs, your walls will take a bit of a beating and will need to be prepped and repainted prior to us installing your new staircase. And finally, the design. You don't necessarily have to go with the same style as before. At Budget Stairs, we always offer a free measure and quote and would be happy to discuss design options.

7. Do I need a builder to build stairs?

Certainly not. The Budget Stairs team takes care of the entire process for you: from the design phase right through to the removal of your old stairs and installation of your new staircase.

Are you ready to start your staircase renovation project?

At Budget Stairs, we're passionate about staircases and love bringing designs to life. If you're looking to install a staircase in your home, then speak with us today and organise your free measure and quote.


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