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What to expect when installing a staircase

Updated: May 17, 2021

Renovating your home can be an exciting process – seeing your ideas and designs come to life and freshening up your interiors. But if you're a newbie, renovating can come with many unknowns. At Budget Stairs, we understand that for many clients, they've never had to install or replace a staircase before. So, what's the process? What's actually involved? Here's our guide.

What's a typical time frame for my stairs to be installed?

Typically you're looking at a time frame of three to four weeks to install from confirmation of order withBudget Stairs. This process includes measurements, drawings, manufacture, delivery and of course, the exciting part, installation. If you're going for a more elaborate design (think spiral stairs or geometric) there may be more labour involved, so allow for up to six to eight weeks.

Do I need to design the stairs myself?

You can, but we recommend meeting with a professional staircase manufacturer and installer. That way that they can design a staircase that's going to meet – or even exceed – your expectations. Trained professionals will be able to provide you with a variety of options that will suit your home's aesthetic and your personal taste. At Budget Stairs, we can take care of the entire process.

My stairs are coming, how should I prepare?

Replacing your staircase? If your old stairs are carpeted, you can hasten the project along by ripping up the carpet yourself. All you need to do is find the corner of the carpet and under padding and rip up quickly. Doing this part prior to installation means that the team can focus their attention on the demolition and construction of the staircase. You should also clear away the areas around the staircase – remove furniture, paintings, photos and decorative items.

Can I access upstairs whilst the staircase is getting installed?

Whilst your staircase installer will do their best to complete their work as quickly as possible, it's always best to assume that you can't throughout the entire construction process. It's best to declutter and remove essential items that if you don't have another staircase in your home to access upstairs.

Is there anything I need to be aware of during construction?

Be prepared for a little bit of mess, particularly dust during the demolition and construction phase. Unfortunately, there's not much that you can do to avoid dust. We encourage you to cover furniture where possible, opening windows to allow fresh air to circulate in your home and wearing facemasks when near the construction zone. And, we encourage our clients to conduct a big clean after installation – even considering using professional cleaners to ensure that all the dust has been removed.

Ready for your new staircase?

Budget Stairs has been designing, manufacturing and installing stairs across Sydney and surrounds since 1986. And, we make the entire process as stress-free and seamless as possible for our clients. If you're ready to start your staircase journey, then reach out to us today.


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