If you're ready to replace or install your staircase, then what look and feel should you go for? 

Closed Rise Staircase Design

These are a standard stairs design. They're generally manufactured and installed with tread and rise housed into the stair string on either side. Needs soffit lining or a cupboard underneath after the installation of the staircase has been completed. 

Open Rise Staircase Design 

Do you like the idea of a staircase that's more open? Here you can see no rise between the treads, so you can see right through them. This lets light through the stair – a great idea for small spaces or when stairs go over another staircase. It gives a very airy, modern feel.

Closed String Staircase Design

The closed string stair style is where you can see a beam on the side of the staircase, closing off the tread and rise profile. Also, you'll find the balustrade is attached to the stairs. The balustrades can be made from a variety of materials. It just comes down to your personal preference and taste. 

Concealed String Staircase Design

Generally, this staircase style is where the tread and rise go between two walls. No string is visible when walking up the staircase. This stairs style can also incorporate a shadow line nosing at the tread and rise junction. 

Cut String Staircase Design

This staircase style is when you can see the profile of the tread and rise from the side of the stairs. Generally, the string is cut to go under giving a saw-tooth effect.