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Interior styles and stairs we're loving this summer

At Budget Stairs, we're always on the hunt for the latest trends in architecture and interior design for our clients. And, depending on the style of your home and personal taste, your staircase design needs to match with the overall look and feel you're going for.

If you're at the start of your renovating journey, you might be unsure of what style of staircase you want to go with and need interior inspiration. So, what's on-trend at the moment? What type of staircases are clients asking for? We thought we'd put together our three favourite interior design styles to start you on your renovating journey.

The Hamptons Style

Image courtesy of G.J. Gardener

Classic French Provincial

Image courtesy of Houzz

New York Industrial

Image courtesy of Home Designing

Ready to say hello to the Hamptons style?

We love the Hamptons look. It's fresh, it's fabulous and is all about relaxed coastal sophistication. The Hamptons home is classic in style, but breezy, spacious and all about indoor-outdoor living. Think expansive verandahs, french doors and grand windows to create space and let in as much natural light as possible.

And, when it comes to staircase designs, you do want to pay homage to traditional elements. From a structural perspective, think closed-rise stairs that are classic in style. What about materials? Timber works best in a Hamptons style home. Think timber stairs paired with timber balustrades. And, you can customise your stairs with square style posts, handrails and post tops. When it comes to colours, you can't go past white. Whether you go all white or pair it with a lighter style of timber – it brightens up a home and marries perfectly with the fresh Hamptons interior.

Image courtesy of Pexels

Maybe a touch of French Provincial, s'il vous plaît?

We do love the French Provincial style. It's timeless, elegant and ever so chic. If you live in the countryside or your home is more classic in build, then the French Provincial look works really well. And, when it comes to this interior style, think hints of rustic and neutral colour palettes. You'll often find that the French-style will embrace natural materials such as carved wood, linen, and wool.

So, what about your staircase? If you're going French Provincial, then you can certainly embrace the elegance. Think sweeping or curved staircases, with rich, dark timber treads. Or, if you really want to turn up the plush factor, why not consider carpeted treads? When it comes to your balustrades, you'll often see intricate wrought iron designs with iron or dark timber handrails.

Image courtesy of Houzz

Why not go edgy with the industrial look?

Dare to be different and embrace the industrial interior style. When it comes to inspiration, think airy New York loft-style apartments, embracing open warehouse spaces and working with strong materials including steel, concrete and exposed brick. When it comes to the industrial look, we love floor to ceiling windows that let in plenty of light. And, when it comes to your colour palette, experiment with greys and charcoals with accents of colour to make your interior space pop. Take the trend one step further with exposed beams or piping to really make a statement.

This interior style is bold and your staircase choice should reflect this – you'll want to go with a staircase that's modern. We'd recommend going with an open rise stair. This style of staircase has no rise between the treads so you can see right through them, letting in more light and providing a floating effect. Experiment with modern materials such as steel and glass when it comes to your balustrades, handrails and components.

Image courtesy of Houzz

Up your interior game with Budget Stairs

Summer is the perfect time to get started on your next reno project and hopefully these design styles have provided the perfect inspiration. No matter your interior style or personal preference, we can design and install the perfect staircase for your home. Speak with one of the Budget Stairs team today to start planning your set of stairs.


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