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Get inspired with 5 of our favourite staircase design ideas

Considering a home renovation? With the recent release of the Government's HomeBuilder scheme, now might be the perfect time to give your home a makeover, which might include designing and building a brand new staircase.

But what style should you go with? Do you go all out with something ultra-modern or stay period with a traditional design? With a variety of materials out there, we can customise a staircase to suit any home and style. And at Budget Stairs, we like to be ahead of the game when it comes to interior design – we're always looking at ways to take our staircases to the next level for clients. To help you with your home renovation journey, we've put together our five favourite stair trends that we're loving at the moment

1. Balustrades are back, baby

And, in a big way. We're loving the way that some clients are choosing to go bold with their balustrade designs but still paying homage to the humble timber balustrade too. This solid look is strong, robust and a surefire way to make a statement in your home. And, if you're feeling super daring, play with steel textures for handrails and detailing. If your home is architecturally contemporary, then it can certainly afford to carry such a dramatic style.

Image courtesy of Pexels.

2. Consider the curves

Most standard staircase designs are quite structured – boxy in nature, angular and very 'up and down' (no pun intended there). For something completely different, why not consider going with something a bit more curvaceous? We love the sweeping spiral effect and gives off an elegant feel, softening the interior space but still making a statement.

Image courtesy of Domino.

3. Get gorgeous with glass

There's something so beautiful about working with glass – it can make your staircase feel so much lighter and always brings a sense of luxury to your space. We often get asked how to keep a room bright and airy when installing a staircase and glass balustrades are the perfect way to achieve this.

Image courtesy of

4. Turn up the tradition

Whilst we love designing modern staircases for contemporary spaces, it's refreshing for us to take it old school occasionally. If your home is period or heritage in style, then sometimes it's best to keep certain features intact. A grand home or manor house is worthy of a spectacular staircase, and this can be achieved with more traditional elements and components. Think rich timber, wider trades, ornate balustrades, and intricate spindles to bring the wow factor.

Image courtesy of Pexels.

5. Make some magic with floating stairs

Everyone loves an illusion, right? If your house is minimal, architectural or sleek in style, then floating stairs can complement the space in just the right way. Not for the design faint-hearted, floating stairs whilst dainty in design can be used to make a serious design statement. And, depending on how creative you want to get, floating stairs can be completely designed to be the centrepiece of your home.

Image courtesy of Dezeen.

Ready to build your custom staircase?

At Budget Stairs, we're passionate about custom staircase design and we love manufacturing something completely bespoke for our clients. If you're home renovation ready and contemplating a new staircase install, then speak with us today for a free measure and quote.


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